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Audio Vision Production Sevices


Audio Vision Production is a leading dubbing and subtitling company, servicing a large number of clients all over Lebanon and the Arab World. Since 2008, and with a remarkable compliance to delivery dates, AVP has teamed up with a large number of class A technicians, art directors and voice over artists, as well as a competent team of translators, providing high quality movies, series, documentaries, cartoons, live shows, reality shows and real TV series, in numerous languages and dialects: Arabic (Lebanese, Syrian and Traditional), English (with voice-over artists originally English or American) and French (with a perfect French accent).


In addition to the dubbing and subtitling services, AVP provides Music & Effects (M&E) for all kinds of projects, in stereo basis and optional 5.1 Dolby surround. AVP also creates any kind of music for films: dramatic, suspense and horror, also provided in stereo and surround basis.
AVP is equipped with state of the art equipment, providing the clients with the best quality.